"Arabop" A new album release, coming out on the 9th of October 2012

A groundbreaking fusion trip through the musical world of orient and Occident

There are no boundaries in the world of jazz, and if there are, they are there to break through,- playfully and with ease. For Michel Sajrawy, a Palestinian of Christian faith who comes from Nazareth and has an Israeli passport, overcoming contradictions is an important element - in everyday life, and in his music.
This guitarist and composer is melting his fellow-musicians’ diverse religious faiths into a bubbling blend of, jazz, intoxicating Arabic rhythms and arabesque sounds. He sets on a groundbreaking fusion trip through the musical world of orient and Occident.
“Arabop - is a word I invented in order to reflect the presence of the essential characteristics of Arabic music and bebop lines in my music. This is my third album, a major departure from my previous works. It has completely new sounds, sounds that never have been created on any previous recording... I went beyond what is allowed to play on the instrument... After trying different ones I returned to the Stratocaster – the one that my parents bought me when I was in
high school.” Michel Sajrawy

Michel Sajrawy – Composer, Arranger, Guitarist & Keyboards Programing, Electric Bass

Amiram Granot - Sax

Maali Klar - Soprano Sax

Samir Makhoul - Oud & Vocal

Valeri Lipets – Contra Bass

Wisam Arram - Darbuka & Shakers

Stas Zilberman - Drums

Nehaya Damouni - Chant

Adnan Haddad - Speech


Floating City - 2016

Arabop - 2012

Writings On The Wall - 2009

YATHRIB - 2006