Yathrib Press Quotes

(Yathrib).. One of my Top albums of the year 2006. Thomas Kohlruß, babyblaue-seiten

Michel is regarded as an extremely gifted guitarist, composer and arranger… a fusion of Middle East and West, with delicate and masterly guitar work by the leader and excellent support by his band and guest musicians… Superb. Jazzis

Michel Sajrawy saves the world (- music) … a whole sound miracle orchestra. RNZ

You have that smile when you smile… That is exciting, has soul, shows musical Virtuosity. Der Schallplattenmann

With bubbling energy, virtuosity and occasionally unbelievable speed, the musician connects Makamat of the Arab Middle East to Jazz-Fusion, Rock and world music. Michael Scheiner, die Lichtung

Different cultural experiences exerted influence on the pieces. The fusion is not put on or "made", but felt and established. The work has a strong expressive sound, an individual style and trimmed arrangements. "Yathrib" is a special album Absolute recommendation! "Yathrib" completely belongs to my personal best 10 albums of the year 2005 (although it will be published on January 2006). ragazzi - website für erregende Musik, Volkmar Mantei


I know that all things start in the deepest inside of human beings. In an area, so deeply hidden, that we call it soul. Michel Sajrawy’s album has just that enormous ability, to touch souls. It sure touched mine. Fred Wheeler, Tokafi


Michel is an inspiration. As a musician, he digs deep into an endless sea of emotion, passion, and drive. Randy McElligott, CHUO-FM
The music of the guitarist Michel Sajrawy can be described as [fusion X fusion]. Unfamiliar therefore intriguing mix between fusion (electric jazz which combines rock elements) and Arabic music. Sajrawy appeared as an excellent guitarist and gifted composer. It was interesting to see how he moves naturally and elegantly between the linear, "squared" language of the fusion, and the wavy language of Arabic music. Ben Shelan, Haaretz

While we have a good number of oriental music players, it's rare to see a jazz musician in Palestine. Perhaps Yathrib, debut album of the composer and guitar player Michel Sajrawy, is one of the rare jazz influenced productions of Palestine. Najwan Darweesh, Al-Akhbar