Floating City - Press Quotes

An incredible combination of European and fusion jazz-rock music traditions of the Far East. Such vivid and organic linking two completely different worlds in absolutely original and perfect processing occurs rarely! ...Jazz-rock language and phrasing has a very virtuoso level.                

Sajrawy lies the magic of music in the rotation of the different styles of guitar and its insertion into different contexts.

Paper review in Slovakian. Pavel Visek

"Floating City"is a very communicative album, it's vitality magnet capable of attracting daily customers that like any other kind of music. Robert Ratajczak,

World music, jazz, pop, new age, progressive rock and virtuosic virtuosity - all this unifies the album, which speaks to the listener, to a world-wide acoustic message that is both intimate and distant. Discover! Andreas Schiffmann,

"Floating City" is commendable enriching musical horizons.

One of the most interesting achievements of recent times is the CD Floating City... Milan Tesar,

Michel Sajrawy is amongst these artists who discovered a way to express his electric guitar a path of jazz fusion with roots in Middle eastern sensibility Gerald Van Waes,

Sound = %100, Packing = %90, Music = %80, AVERAGE SCORE = %90 Jan Hocek,

As with any consummate musician, Michel Sajrawy continues to evolve, not only on his instruments, but as a person seeking knowledge and wisdom. The music he refers to, and chooses to expand upon, hails from an ancient era, which has withstood the test of time, yet is pliable into contemporary forms. In this ode to Nazareth, he relies on the power of music to bring people together, an effort worth applauding. James Nadal, All About Jazz

The solos of the electric jazz guitar hunt with illustrious lightness through this clear, beautifully speritualized and internal sound... For one thing is certain, the works of Michael Sajrawy have long breath. Volkmar Mantei,

Arabop Press Quotes

One of the most prominent and original representatives of the Jazz-Rock-World Fusion worldwide… His stunning guitar sound merges the resonance of electric Fusion guitar and the characteristic scales of Middle Eastern instruments, like the oud, creating a completely new "instrument", which sounds like nothing else… So, for the third time in a row, Sajrawy hits the jackpot with his amazing music, unparalleled virtuosity and most importantly unshaken integrity, doing his thing and believing in his vision, for which he deserves to be respected and admired. Adam Baruch,

This is high octane, modern Arabic music that isn't like any world jazz or world fusion you've heard up to now... Wild stuff, that's for sure. Midwest Record
He has perfected his ability to perform exotic arrangements on his trusted Fender Stratocaster by bending and coercing his strings into a swift sequence of microtones and quarter-notes, all done with cultural authenticity fused with rock, blues and bop... This should speak volumes in praise of the power of the music, and might explain the impressive energy level of this recording. Though this will be categorized in the media as world music, it is much more than that. It is a positive assertion that everything is possible. James Nadal,
Barenboim of the Jazzguitar.  Alexander Schmitz, Jazzpodium - October 2012
A highly original, energetic contribution to the genre of "Oriental Jazz".
Michel succeeds wildly with a stunning set of mostly instrumental music that is both jazzy, Arabic, and improvisational. This is maqam music for future generations. Matthew Forss, Inside World Music
Sajrawy is exploring liquid modalities, often shredding but also slowing way down for sinuous balladics to lay out the expressive powers of mid-Eastern modes... In largest part, though, this is indeed pyrotechnic... if you're looking at expanding your borders, this gent's guitar playing and Byzantine compositions are an excellent mysterious back alley for that. Mark S. Tucker,
Virtuoso Raptured
Like Michel Sajrawy's previous albums “Yathrib” and “Writings On The Wall” the committed artist builds bridges between cultures, excels in the treatment of his instrument and arrangements, and he shows how to reach beyond the music with an outstretched hands. Frank Becker,
 ...he can also bop as wonderfully as if he had just invented it himself – just listen to the title piece „Arabop“ – or deliver a high speed long distance run like in „Longa Farah Faza“. A brilliant work of intercultural music without any pseudo-exotic clichés. Liebe Grüße, (2012, 4 quarter)
 The jazzy, experimental sounds are rich with Middle Eastern and North Africa melodies... The instrumental repertoire is well-balanced. Groove Radio PT
 The crossover of folk and jazz more than succeeds... a recommendation given not only for jazz or Orientalists. Gunnar Claußen,
 I am a sucker for Arabic music, I am a sucker for jazz. I am certainly defenseless against the hybrid of Arabic music and jazz. Guitarist Michel Sajrawy knows both genres very well which equips him to oversee a perfect merger. Hot Arabic Music
 His energy is the perfect antidote to the torpor of jazz guitarists more interested in talking to themselves than connecting with an audience. Give it a spin and prepare to stir.  Rob Weir, Off-Center Views sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, which is pretty exciting
A hard combo to beat, mixing jazz’s heat with the Mediterranean warmth George W. Harris,
This album shows something incredibly promising  Gerald Van Waes,
"Arabop" can be seen as an example of good near-perfect sound in a modern, stylish independent music… "Arabop" is world music for jazz-like rock (and prog) aficionados and only recommendable. Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi
Delicious Middle Eastern Guitar from Michel Sajrawy

Writings On The Wall Press Quotes

...Sajrawy is the first to truly incorporate the traditional elements of Arabic music and the Jazz idiom... His tone and fluency are truly amazing, displaying all the elements that distinguish the best guitar players from the countless others, who play the instrument... Sajrawy truly deserves to break the barrier of relative anonymity and play on the biggest stages worldwide, as there are very few players who deserve it as much as he does... just listen to this music and eat your hat ;) In this case the saying hearing is believing seems suitable more that ever! This is an essential album for every guitar lover on this planet.

Writings On The Wall should be nominated for the album of the month. ...Sajrawys second album is true Jazz - but from the purest quality. Folker 1/09

...this Guitarist is playing the Blues of the Middle-East.  Ragazzi

Writings On The Wall is very colourful music. Together with Pianist Franck Dhersin, bass player Valeri Lipets and two alternating drummers Ameen Atrash and Evgeni Maistrovski the guitarrist is painting a dazzling portrait in modern music. Angela Ballhorn, Jazzthetik march 2009

Sajrawy is an expressive, appealing guitarist, and he shines as both an improviser and a composer on Writings on the Wall. Alex Henderson,

Sajrawy casts a distinct voice into many of the roads frequently traversed. He doesn't reinvent the wheel per se, but injects a flavorful element into the core guitar-piano jazz quartet format. An excellent soloist, Sajrawy's insightful compositions help generate the blueprint for success.

Michel Sajrawy distinguishes himself with a warm tone, fluid and supple single-line runs, and string bending to accomplish quarter-tone steps. It all jells to create a pleasingly lilting sound. He also meshes fusion-ish jazz with Makamat (the world music of the Arabic Middle East) by combining the basic song structures of the American style with the harmony of his native region.


feasting on Arabic scales, dreaming like in 1001 Nights or letting it swing in a virtuoso manner. Right the first two tracks, „Bride Of Galilee“ and „Writings On The Wall“, reveal a wide spectrum of emotions, means of expression and skills. Will make you ask for more. Blue

...It started unconsciously with the Arabic melodies, the maqamat, and the way I play by bending the strings. But then I started to experiment with quartiles and altered chords. I could hear the maqamat in my head as soon as I played any one of these chords. Then I began to discover the relationship between these chords and maqamat, and found on the whole that the harmonization resulted in the common basis for maqamat and my jazz vocabulary. Alexander Schmitz, Jazzpodium März 2009

Search For Peace
Sajrawy unites up to ten musicians in his band, musicians of highly varied origins and religions. He doesn't write compositions of an appellative character, like the kind you hear at festivals, but extremely delicate, yet powerful, exquisite pieces that require above all precision: instrumental communicaton. A peace offering, lately supported by French pianist Frank Dhersin. 
Burkhard Baltzer, Kunst+Kultur 1/09

Moves through the Arabic world with his four comrads – the music is tight, beguiling, effective. Distinguished by harmony. Karin Paul, Melodie &Rhythmus März 09

...a Fusion with Jazz and Middle Eastern elements.  Blue Rhythm class Modern Jazz with delicate solos of all four instruments... Frank Becker, omm
Different from his Debut "Yathrib" the 38-year old guitarist is fronting a classic Piano Trio and just because of this he sounds more authentic than ever. Somehow contemporary and rooted. Reinhard Köchl, Jazzthing 02/03 2009

While Michel’s earliest recording focused more on the expression of a Middle Eastern Fusion style, he developed himself especially further as a rather distinctive jazz and jazzfusion guitarist. Gerald van Waes, psychevanhetfolk 

A breath of Orient lies upon the opener "Bride Of The Galilee" as well as the following title track, but then the album turns to open minded, straight ahead Jazz, stringent, occidental and lyrical. Frank Becker, Musenblaetter

Yathrib Press Quotes

(Yathrib).. One of my Top albums of the year 2006. Thomas Kohlruß, babyblaue-seiten

Michel is regarded as an extremely gifted guitarist, composer and arranger… a fusion of Middle East and West, with delicate and masterly guitar work by the leader and excellent support by his band and guest musicians… Superb. Jazzis

Michel Sajrawy saves the world (- music) … a whole sound miracle orchestra. RNZ

You have that smile when you smile… That is exciting, has soul, shows musical Virtuosity. Der Schallplattenmann

With bubbling energy, virtuosity and occasionally unbelievable speed, the musician connects Makamat of the Arab Middle East to Jazz-Fusion, Rock and world music. Michael Scheiner, die Lichtung

Different cultural experiences exerted influence on the pieces. The fusion is not put on or "made", but felt and established. The work has a strong expressive sound, an individual style and trimmed arrangements. "Yathrib" is a special album Absolute recommendation! "Yathrib" completely belongs to my personal best 10 albums of the year 2005 (although it will be published on January 2006). ragazzi - website für erregende Musik, Volkmar Mantei


I know that all things start in the deepest inside of human beings. In an area, so deeply hidden, that we call it soul. Michel Sajrawy’s album has just that enormous ability, to touch souls. It sure touched mine. Fred Wheeler, Tokafi


Michel is an inspiration. As a musician, he digs deep into an endless sea of emotion, passion, and drive. Randy McElligott, CHUO-FM
The music of the guitarist Michel Sajrawy can be described as [fusion X fusion]. Unfamiliar therefore intriguing mix between fusion (electric jazz which combines rock elements) and Arabic music. Sajrawy appeared as an excellent guitarist and gifted composer. It was interesting to see how he moves naturally and elegantly between the linear, "squared" language of the fusion, and the wavy language of Arabic music. Ben Shelan, Haaretz

While we have a good number of oriental music players, it's rare to see a jazz musician in Palestine. Perhaps Yathrib, debut album of the composer and guitar player Michel Sajrawy, is one of the rare jazz influenced productions of Palestine. Najwan Darweesh, Al-Akhbar